Home fibering system (Hofis)

The Home Fibering System (Hofis) allows easiest installation of fibers in the living area of end customers. The system combines HUBER+SUHNER’s optical outlet (OTS2) with a pre-assembled low-bend installation cable (class G.657.A2).

Time-consuming fusion splicing inside the customer premises is not needed thanks to the ‘plug & play’ system and installers do not require special training or equipment. The innovative packaging made from recyclable PET not only protects the system in transit but also offers a fast and effective method for de-reeling the cable and mounting the socket on-site.

The Home Fibering System (Hofis) is available with different cable lengths, numbers of fibers (1/2/4) and with the FITH typical connectors BLINK, LC and SC. The complete system with all their fiber optic components is delivered in a dust protected package.


  • Combines Optisocket2 with in-house low-bend cables
  • Pre-assembled solution for fast installation - no splicing needed
  • One-man operation
  • Different cable and connector types are possible
  • 100% ecological package
  • Patent pending
  • Take the outer end of the cable system and start installation in direction of the floor distributor (FD) or building entry point (BEP)
  • Pull / unwind the cable out of the special packaging
  • For easier handling, use a rod or a screwdriver in the middle of the home fibering system
  • Unwind the cable completely
  • Open the two half-shells and fit the Optisocket to the pre-mounted base plate
  • Dispose the packaging in the next waste facility