Data sheets
ACS – Advanced Cassette System DOC-0000603673
Base for ACS (Advanced Cassette System) DOC-0000603675
CRC (Cable Relief Clamp) DOC-0000603686
CTS (Customer Termination Shelf) DOC-0000603757
Fixing latch DOC-0000603688
Fixation plate for ACS (Advanced Cassette System) DOC-0000603677
Optibox 4 DOC-0000295207
Optibox 4i DOC-0000296015
Optibox 6 DOC-0000450235
Optibox 16 DOC-0000401132
Optibox 32 DOC-0000393703
Multi Operator Box DOC-0000757129
Optical Telecommunication Outlet (OTO) DOC-0000344831
Optical Telecommunication Outlet (OTSB) DOC-0000731070
Routing plate for ACS (Advanced Cassette System) DOC-0000603685
Splice combs compatible with ACS cassettes DOC-0000603749
Smart cabinet UNI 4 310 DOC-0000654906
Smart cabinet UNI 4 400 DOC-0000654907
Smart cabinet UNI 8 310 DOC-0000654908
Smart cabinet UNI 8 400 DOC-0000654909
Fiberframe DOC-0000684373
Fiberframe standard front and back plates DOC-0000711363
Fiberframe Lite DOC-0000684371

Installation documents

Optibox 4                                                                   DOC-0000294965
Optibox 4i DOC-0000294966
Optibox 6  DOC-0000424718
Optibox 16  DOC-0000401065
Optibox 32  DOC-0000392662
Multi Operator Box DOC-0000757126
Optisocket (OTO) DOC-0000349706
Optisocket Basic (OTSB) DOC-0000731075
Optisocket flush-mounted DOC-0000418343
Hofis DOC-0000399215
Fiberframe DOC-0000711362
Fiberframe Lite DOC-0000711379
Smart cabinets from HUBER+SUHNER DOC-0000642923
Smart cabinets from SICHERT DOC-0000709087

 Installation videos

Optibox 4                                                                   Link
Optibox 16 Link
Hofis Link


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